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Remove the uncertainty of internet sales and reputability by purchasing through a True Crime Authentication approved dealer.

T.C.A takes the guess work out by scrutinizing each dealer’s applications for the highest industry standards. Each T.C.A. dealer is required to abide by T.C.A.s ethical standards and by-laws. All T.C.A dealers are required to uphold T.C.A's highest standards of authenticity. 

Become a T.C.A authorized dealer 

Click here to view our by-laws

Click here to download our  membership application, benefits and requirements

True Crime Authentication 

P.O. Box 191

Grand Ledge Michigan


Once you send in your application it may take a few weeks to check your references. If you are approved T.C.A will email you a 

email you a link for Payment of $250.00 The payment includes your initial registration fee and first-year dues as a T.C.A Registered Dealer.


Feel Free to contact the T.C.A staff via email with questions concerning dealers, authentication or what ever you may need. 

We will always do our best to help you.

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