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digital certification

Digital Authentication Process $20.00 

T.C.A's digital authentication does not guarantee the appearance of live ink. 


Each item that is submitted to T.C.A.'s digital authentication process is examined by two true crime memorabilia experts and a handwriting analyst for authenticity of the following. 

Autograph Structure

Medium Analysis

Handwriting Analysis

Side-By-Side Comparisons

Object Evaluation


Upon approval T.C.A will issue an Objective Digital Certificate of Authenticity.

The digital certificate will have the T.C.A gold approval seal and display a unique certification number.

The certification number will allow you to reference the T.C.A database for authenticity.

Non-Authenticated & Inconclusive Items

If an item cannot be authenticated or is found inconsistent by our experts, $15.00 of your submission fee will be returned. A brief note of explanation will be provided via email. 

Submission instructions and form 

Instructions for Item Submission

1. Fill out the submission form

2. Within 24-48 hours a T.C.A agent will assign you a pre-approval number to submit your document

and link for payment via email. 

NOTE: Do not send T.C.A an item with out a pre-approval number. 

Success! Message received.

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